Eran Raveh from the Saarbrücken phonetics group has been awarded the prize of the best student paper at the recent conference on electronical speech signal processing (ESSV) in Dresden, for the paper "Comparing phonetic changes in computer-directed and human-directed speech" by Eran Raveh, Ingmar Steiner, Ingo Siegert, Iona Gessinger and Bernd Möbius. Congratulations! [...]
Dr Anna Rędzioch-Korkuz is a lecturer in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, Poland. Her main research interests lie in the interrelationships between translation studies and semiotics, translation constraints as well singable and audiovisual translation, especially opera surtitling. She is staying in our department for two weeks (25 Feb - 8 March). During her stay she plans to gain more insights into corpus linguistics research carried out in connection with… [...]
Assoc. Prof. Dr Aida Kasieva teaches Translation at Manas University in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. During her stay (15 Dec - 11 Mar) she plans to research Translation Quality Assessment and Register Analysis of the Pragmatic Aspects of Kyrgyz and German Lit-erature into English. As a concrete and sustainable output of her stay Kyrgyz data will be hosted at our certified CLARIN-D centre. Her stay is supported by the DAAD. [...]
On Friday, January 25, 2019, we wrote department history:
Ms. Konz received a certificate from the university president for her 25th anniversary. The President underlined his pleasure to pay tribute to people who have actively shaped our University. For her part, Ms Konz stressed that, among her various employers, she feels most at home at Saarland University. When asked about a special event during her period of service, Ms. Konz replied that the change from diploma system to modularized study… [...]
Chairs Prof. Dr. Erich Steiner, Prof. Dr. Elke Teich, Prof. Dr. Josef van Genabith [...]
This October, we welcomed Anupama Chingacham, as a doctoral student for the project (SFB 1102) A4. She will be working on adaptable Natural Language Generation systems, such that the system adapts to the perceptual load of the listener. Prior to joining SFB, she received her Masters in Natural Language Processing from University of Lorraine, France. [...]
Yu (Tracy) Chen, Anna Konobelkina, and James Whang have joined the LST department and SFB 1102.
Tracy is a PhD student in the SFB Project C4, exploring machine translation based similarity measures to explore the intercomprehension between Slavic languages.
Anna is a PhD student in the SFB Project C1, focusing on the interaction between information density and the prosodic hierarchy.
James is a postdoctoral researcher in project C1, investigating the effects of predictability as defined by… [...]
Lydia has joined Matt Crocker's group as a PhD student on the SFB 1102 project C3. She received her MA degree in Language and Communication from Radboud University, Nijmegen. Her work will focus on rational encoding and decoding of referring expressions. [...]

The anniversary event will take place on 8 December, 2018 in the university’s assembly hall. You can find the program here.
Please note that all available seats are already booked for this event.

In addition, our Alumni Association is organising a panel discussion, to which we cordially invite you:
"Quo vadis translating - man and machine?"
Discussion with: Katja Dittus (Translation Management V&B), Ilona Wallberg (beo), Falko Schäfer (Daimler), Tobias Hinzpeter (EZB), Anja Hein (Federal…

Alexander Koller's group welcomes our newest colleague, Fangzhou Zhai. Fangzhou will do his PhD in the SFB Project A3, where he will work on adding causal structure to script knowledge that is learned from data. He has a Master of Logic from the University of Amsterdam, and is about to complete his MSc in Computer Science in Saarbrücken. [...]