At this year's Career Information Day of the German-French Gymnasium (DFG) in Saarbrücken (28.09.2019), our department was represented with a stand and two lectures concerning our degrees (BA Language Science, MA Translation Science and BA Computational Linguistics).
Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb, Sandra Lorefice (graduate of MA Translation Science and Technology), Stefan Thater, Rainer Egler as well as the student representatives (Anastasia Borisenkov, Urs Peter and Lilas Mauborgne) answered the… [...]

In the summer semester, students of the Master's programme in "Translation Science and Technology" subtitled two films for the German Research Foundation. Under the supervision of Janet Wheeler and Dr. Fadia Sauerwein and in cooperation with the SFB 1102, the students created English subtitles and German subtitles for the hearing impaired. The films, which were created in the context of the 50th anniversary of the DFG Collaborative Research Centers, can be viewed here (to read the subtitles,…

On 10 September, the Saarbrücker Zeitung reports on B.A. Language Science and M.A. Translation Science and Technology in the article "Foreign Language Experts". [...]
Dr Jürgen Trouvain has received a "test of time" best paper award for his publication "The German Text-to-Speech Synthesis System MARY: A Tool for Research, Development and Teaching", published at the Speech Synthesis Workshop 2001 (with Dr. Marc Schröder, then DFKI, now at Google Zürich, as the first author). The paper is being honoured, among other things, for describing the popular MaryTTS system, one of the few open-source text-to-speech systems in widespread use. SSW is the series of Speech… [...]
Dr. Antoine Venant has accepted an assistant professor position at the Department of Linguistics and Translation of the University of Montreal, starting October 1. Antoine joined the LST department in November 2016, as a postdoc in Alexander Koller's group. He has worked on a range of topics in theoretical computational linguistics, ranging from algebraic methods for semantic parsing to game-theoretic models of rationality in dialogue. As part of his new duty at Montreal University, he will be… [...]
On 06 August 2019, the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper reported about the funding extension of the Master's programme "Language and Communication Technologies".
A similar article on this topic can be found on the UdS page. [...]
Khiet Truong from the University of Twente is an invited scholar of the LCT programme (Language and Communication Technologies). She is our guest from 23th to 25th of July 2019. Her talk will presented at lunchtime on Wednesday, 24th of July, with a report of her work on human-agent interaction and socially interactive technology. [...]
Our study coordinator and advisor, Dr Stefan Thater, has been appointed “Akademischer Oberrat” on 1 August thanks to his outstanding achievements for the department. Stefan Thater has been the department’s study coordinator since 2012 and is responsible for the study programmes B.Sc. Computational Linguistics and M.Sc. Language Science and Technology, having previously worked as a research assistant for the chair of Manfred Pinkal. Since 2014 he also is PI in the SFB 1102 Information Density and… [...]
With the Study Finder: Expectation Check, applicants interested in the "Language Science" Bachelor's programme can test whether their expectations for this programme are accurate. They will receive individual feedback with information on contents, requirements and future career opportunities. This takes about 20-30 minutes.
The Study Finder: Expectation Check can be started here. [...]
12 July ,2019, building A2 2, Room 1.20
Further information about the colloquium can be found here. [...]