The UdS submission to the 2019 Conference on Computational Language Learning (2019) shared task, Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing (MRP 2019), placed fourth overall out of 18 teams, as well as 1st overall on both the PSD graph bank and the Little Prince subset. The team was one of nine to successfully submit results for all graphbanks. The team was comprised of current LST Masters students Matthias Lindemann, Mario Mina, and Pia Weißenhorn; Ph.D. candidate Jonas Groschwitz; postdoc… [...]
This colloquium is organised in honour of Prof. Dr. Erich Steiner on the occasion of his retirement. The contributions center around empirical approaches to translation research, covering a wide range of topics from experimental to corpus-based studies. We are especially happy to welcome distinguished international scholars in translation studies.
January 31, 2020 | 9:00 pm | Building A2 2 | Room 1.20 (conference room) [...]
Professor Alexander Koller gave a public talk in Munich on November 6 entitled, ‘Hey, Siri! Ok, Google! – Wie Maschinen lernen, Sprache zu verstehen.’ The talk focused on natural language understanding in the context of voice assistants.  The talk slides and audio recording are available on Professor Koller’s website. [...]
Dhruv Motwani ( is visiting Prof Demberg's lab for the duration of three months. His research interests are: discourse analysis, open domain question answering, coreference resolution, and matrix sketching. He has worked as machine learning engineer and applied scientist for past three years across San Francisco and London.  His research will be in project B2. [...]


LREC 2020 Tutorial

Professor Alexander Koller, along with Professors Stephan Oepen and Weiwei Sun, were accepted to teach a tutorial on ‘Graph-Based Meaning Representations: Design and Processing’ at the LREC 2020 conference in Marseilles. The tutorial will build off a previously held tutorial at ACL 2019 by the same name. [...]
Professors Vera Demberg and Alexander Koller participated in the Filmhaus’ movie series on Artificial Intelligence, providing post-film commentary and answering audience questions related to the movie Her (2013). The movie narrates the complexities of a relationship between a man and a sophisticated operating system, raising questions about human-technology interaction and the potential cognitive powers of intelligent agents. [...]
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At this year's Career Information Day of the German-French Gymnasium (DFG) in Saarbrücken (28.09.2019), our department was represented with a stand and two lectures concerning our degrees (BA Language Science, MA Translation Science and BA Computational Linguistics).
Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb, Sandra Lorefice (graduate of MA Translation Science and Technology), Stefan Thater, Rainer Egler as well as the student representatives (Anastasia Borisenkov, Urs Peter and Lilas Mauborgne) answered the… [...]

In the summer semester, students of the Master's programme in "Translation Science and Technology" subtitled two films for the German Research Foundation. Under the supervision of Janet Wheeler and Dr. Fadia Sauerwein and in cooperation with the SFB 1102, the students created English subtitles and German subtitles for the hearing impaired. The films, which were created in the context of the 50th anniversary of the DFG Collaborative Research Centers, can be viewed here (to read the subtitles,…

On 10 September, the Saarbrücker Zeitung reports on B.A. Language Science and M.A. Translation Science and Technology in the article "Foreign Language Experts". [...]
Dr Jürgen Trouvain has received a "test of time" best paper award for his publication "The German Text-to-Speech Synthesis System MARY: A Tool for Research, Development and Teaching", published at the Speech Synthesis Workshop 2001 (with Dr. Marc Schröder, then DFKI, now at Google Zürich, as the first author). The paper is being honoured, among other things, for describing the popular MaryTTS system, one of the few open-source text-to-speech systems in widespread use. SSW is the series of Speech… [...]