A UdS press release reports in detail about the new DFG project of Prof. Dr. Alexander Koller. The project will start in November 2021 and will deal with the development of an "Interactive Cookbook" - a spoken dialog system that guides users while cooking. [...]
Bild Martin Kay

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of a pioneer and intellectual trailblazer in computational linguistics who had close ties to Saarland University and the Saarbrücken site of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Over several decades, Prof. Martin Kay played a formative role in the development of computational linguistics, an interdisciplinary subject that is related to artificial intelligence, but also to modern linguistics. Throughout his life, he…

A newly produced video provides an insight into the Translation Science and Technology Master's programme.
What are the different fields of this study programme? What did graduates find particularly valuable about their studies? What are the career prospects? Master-graduates answer all these questions in the new video. [...]

We are very pleased to announce that Michael Hahn has accepted the offer for the tenure track associate professorship in natural language processing in our department.

Michael Hahn studied mathematics and computational linguistics in Tübingen. After a research visit to the University of Edinburgh, he obtained his PhD from Stanford University in 2021.

Michael Hahn's work addresses some of the most fundamental questions in computational linguistics and psycholinguistics: the representation and…

On 15 September, our department is represented at the “Abi, was dann?” student fair. At the university stand you will find presentations, video lectures and chats.

On 25 September, we will also give two lectures on language science and computational linguistics and have a stand at the career orientation day of the German-French grammar school in Saarbrücken. [...]
Anupama Chingacham received a best student paper award for her Interspeech 2021 paper:
Anupama Chingacham, Vera Demberg and Dietrich Klakow: Exploring the Potential of Lexical Paraphrases for Mitigating Noise-Induced Comprehension Errors.

Congratulations! [...]
9 Papers of our department were accepted to EMNLP 2021. Congratulations to all authors!

Main conference Comparing Feature-Engineering and Feature-Learning Approaches for Multilingual Translationese Classification. Daria Pylypenko, Kwabena Amponsah-Kaakyire, Koel Dutta Chowdhury, Josef van Genabith and Cristina España-Bonet. Long Paper.  EMNLP 2021. SFB & LST & DFKI. Investigating the Helpfulness of Word-Level Quality Estimation for Post-Editing Machine Translation Output. Raksha Shenoy,… [...]
The Erasmus Mundus European Master in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT) will organise a virtual summer school for all incoming students of the class of 2021. It will take place online from 30 August to 3 September 2021. [...]
The following two papers were accepted to RANLP 2021. Congratulations to the authors! Koel Dutta Chowdhury, Cristina España-Bonet and Josef van Genabith. "Tracing Source Language Interference in Translation with Graph-Isomorphism Measures". RANLP-2021. Long paper. (SFB-LST & DFKI)  Marius Mosbach, Irina Stenger, Tania Avgustinova, Bernd Möbius and Dietrich Klakow: " 2.0 - Calculating Linguistic Distances and Asymmetries in Auditory Perception of Closely Related Languages".… [...]


UniCamp 2021

At this year’s UniCamp on 30 July, Pauline Krielke and Dr. Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb gave schoolgirls fascinating insights into corpus linguistics and its applications. With the help of linguistic and computer-based techniques, the students were guided through the multilingual realm of Harry Potter wizardry. [...]