Metabolism Performance Diagnostics

„Workout even more effective“: we offer a significant and new performance diagnostics. This kind of diagnostics is a spirometrical measurement method (respiratory gas). At the beginning of the session, your metabolic rate will be determined. After that, a graded exercise test will be done, increasing the load every 2 minutes. The test will be done on the treadmill or the bicycle ergometer. Having the measured values, the actual physical performance can be identified.

The objective of this measurement is an exact determination of your physical resilience, enabling an effective training control. On the basis of the actual performance, we will create an individual and effective training schedule for your personal training goals. In addition, you will receive information about metabolism processes that can be utilized for a specific optimization of your nutrition.

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Testing 30 min, discussion 30 min, analysis 15 min (total 75-90 min)

Students / employees         59,- Euro / 73,- Euro