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European University - Transform4Europe

Transform4Europe is a university alliance of seven European universities. The idea of Transform4Europe tracks is to provide young Europeans with competencies and skills for shaping the future of Europe through sustainable transformation processes.

Transform4Europe Tracks are an additional qualification to the regular study program and consist of up to 24 ECTS. Students can choose modules, specializations, universities and classes following their individual interests. Physical or virtual international Mobility is a mandatory part of the programme. The tracks are open to students of all subjects and qualification levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

Structure and Content Transform4Europe Tracks

The Transform4Europe Tracks consist of common core modules on the topics of Knowledge Entrepreneurship, Languages & Intercultural Competencies and European History, Politics, Culture, Law, Economy.

Each student has the opportunity to choose one of the optional challenge-based modules covering the three Transform4Europe focus areas of digitalization, ecology and sustainability as well as social change and inclusion.

Common Core Modules

Knowledge Entrepreneurship: Knowledge Entrepreneurship combines entrepreneurial knowledge with knowledge about change management and transformation processes.

Languages and Intercultural Competencies: For this module you can choose language classes in modern European languages or classes dealing with the theoretical background of intercultural studies.

European History, Politics, Culture, Law and Economy: This module contains classes dealing with issues of European History, Politics, Culture, Law and Economics.

All students have to gain credit points from the common core modules. You can choose classes from your home university or from  the common course catalogue.


Challenged-based Tracks Transform4Europe

Option 1: Challenge-based track "Digital Transformation and Smart Regions"

Option 2: Challenge-based track "Environmental Transformation and Sustainability"

Option 3: Challenge-based track: "Societal Transformation, Community Building and Inclusion"

Choose one out of three transformation tracks according to your individual interests and needs. You can choose classes from your home university or from the common course catalogue.

International Mobility

Physical or virtual Mobility is obligatory in Transform4Europe Tracks.
Virtual classes from Transform4Europe partner universities are listed in the common course catalogue.

Further Information and Links

General Information about Transform4Europe Tracks and common course catalogue of all seven partner universities: Transform4Europe common course catalogue

Alliance of seven European universities: Transform4Europe partner universities

European University Initiative:

Contact and Information

Coordination Certificate Europaicum and Transform4Europe Tracks at Cluster for European Research at Saarland University CEUS:

Elisabeth Marx

Enrolment und Registration for international student via International Office:

Bettina Jochum

Project Coordination Tranform4Europe Work Package 3 European Curricula:

Dr. Deborah Werner

Project Coordination Transform4Europe Saarland University:

Carola Hodyas

Questions about Knowledge Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Benedikt Schnellbächer