How to Register

Registration and enrolment

Step 1:

Please register for the Europaicum certificate using the enrolment form:

CEUS registration form 

(currently available in German only)

Step 2:

In addition, you will need to enrol for a second degree programme ('Zweitstudium') via the university’s SIM portal which allows the university to record your academic assessments and examinations. Only if you enrol for the Europaicum, you can be issued a certificate.

SIM Guide: enrolling for Europaicum 

(currently available in German only)


It is possible to switch from study regulations StO 2017 to the new study regulatiions StO 2021. Which steps have to be taken to do so explains the following guide: Change into new study regulations Europaicum

ERASMUS students need to register via the registration form. Please make sure to indicate the names of your Erasmus subject coordinators.
Please send the registration form via E-Mail to

Students whose native language is not German can also take German language courses in the language module 'Modern European Languages'.

The Europaicum certificate is open to students of all subjects and faculties.

If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: