Visiting researchers from Eastern Europe

Visiting researchers and scholars from Eastern Europe

For over twenty five years, Saarland University has had cooperative links with universities in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, South-East Europe, the Russian Federation and the Caucasus. The cooperative agreements between Saarland University and the participating institutions have always aimed to encourage and promote a wide range of collaborative projects in both research and teaching. The partnerships are financed mostly by funds from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) but some support also comes from the EU's Erasmus+ programme. The funding provides support to scientists and scholars from all academic disciplines.

The DAAD Eastern European Partnerships Programme

How does the programme work?

  • Please apply to the international office at your home institution to request that your proposed project is included in the annual work programme.
  • If your project is accepted, you will need to coordinate and agree travel dates with your academic partner at Saarland University.
  • You should then contact the international office at your home institution and inform them about your planned travel dates. The international office at your home institution will notify us about your travel dates and they will also coordinate the administrative and organizational aspects of your stay (room reservation, handing over of keys, induction and orientation, etc.).
  • We will reserve a room for you in one of our guest houses. Failure to provide early notification about your proposed travel dates to the international office of your home institution may mean that we are unable to offer you accommodation in the required period.
  • Travel fees are borne by your home institution, while accommodation costs (rent and grant) are paid by us.

What do I need to organize once I have arrived in Saarbrücken?

  • You will be given the keys to your accommodation and two copies of your rental agreement. Please sign both copies and return one of them to us.
  • Your maintenance grant will be paid to you by bank cheque. You can cash the cheque at the office of Bank 1 Saar, which is located on campus.
  • You will normally be given an appointment at which you will receive your grant cheque. You will be notified of your appointment in advance. If you have not received prior notification of your appointment, please call us after arriving in Saarbrücken.
  • Administrative formalities will be carried out at the Campus Center (Building A4 4) on the Saarbrücken campus.

Erasmus+ partner countries

The EU's Erasmus+ programme not only enables academics from EU member states to spend time teaching at Saarland University, it is also open to university teachers from countries designated as 'Erasmus+ partner countries'. The list of Erasmus+ partner countries includes countries in Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe and the Caucasus. Please go to our dedicated Erasmus+ website to find a list of the partner countries and partner universities for which Erasmus+ funding may be available for extended periods of teaching at Saarland University.


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