Intercultural Family Meet and Eat

Welcome to the Intercultural Family Meet and Eat!

At the Intercultural Family Meet and Eat we welcome all employees, guests and students as well as their families.

On Tuesday, 18.07.2023, we will meet from 4:00pm - 6:00pm for our relaxed picknick at the Campus lawn (in front of A4 4). There will be tea and coffee and everyone can bring a snack, whether homemade or self-bought. We look forward to intercultural exchange on a wide variety of topics.
Toys and also childcare will be provided for the children. There will also be canvas bags for the children to paint.
It is not necessary to come on time, but we ask for registration.

For better planning of childcare, we ask you to register by 15.07.2023.

Anmeldung zum Intercultural Meet and Eat