Cost of Living

To prepare for your stay, it is important to find out about the cost of living in Germany. In a European comparison, the cost of living in Germany is about average. They are lower than in countries like Denmark or Switzerland, but rather high compared to countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

As a norm, you need to plan for monthly expenses in the range of 950€ to 1.050€ per month for Germany. These costs may vary depending on where you live and your lifestyle.
The figures below are an updated calculation (2024) based on the 22nd Social Survey (2021) of the Studentenwerk.

In addition to the costs listed in the table, students of Saarland University pay a semester fee. The amount of the semester fee is determined for each new semester.

Current semester fee

In order to obtain a residence permit, non-EU students, considering these costs, must provide financial proof of 934 € per month (11,208 € per year, as of 2023).

Sample calculation for the cost of living

What do you need to budget for?Estimated monthly expenses
Rent (including utilities)410,00€


Transportation  89,00€
Health insurance and medical expenses100,00€
Communication  (phone, internet, etc.)  31,00€
Work materials  31,00€
Leisure, culture und sport



Rental costs

The average amount of monthly rental costs depend on the type of accommodation:

Accommodation for students in a dormitory:           280€ - 380€
Room in shared apartment ("WG"):                            300€ - 450€
Single room apartment:                                                400€ - 600€