Frequently asked questions

I am not sure if I am an exchange student or a free mover.

Please take a look at our list of partner universities. If your home university appears in the list, you are an exchange student.


How do I apply?

If you are coming to us as an exchange student from one of our partner universities, you will need to apply to the programme coordinator at your home institution. If you are coming to us as a free mover or as a scholarship holder, you can send your application directly to Mr Heintz. The application deadlines are:

  • 01 June
    if you plan to start studying in the winter semester, which begins in October
  • 01 December
    if you plan to start studying in the summer semester, which begins in April

Our leaflet with application information, which includes a list of the required documents and all of the necessary forms, is available unter Leaflets and forms.



How long can I study at Saarland University?

You can study for a maximum of two semesters at Saarland University. In some cases, extensions can be arranged for students on exchange programmes. No extensions are possible for free movers and scholarship holders.


Can I study for a full degree at Saarland University?

No, you cannot complete a degree qualification while at Saarland University. To study for a full degree, you have to be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Saarland University.


Which courses and modules can I take?

Your first step is to apply for admission to study a particular subject area. But you are also allowed to take courses or modules offered in other subject areas. A list of all of the available modules and courses at Saarland University can be found in the course catalogue.


When do courses and taught lectures begin?

The lectures, modules and other taught courses at Saarland University do not start at exactly the same date as the semester. For detailed information, please refer to the list of semester dates.


May I or must I take a German language course?

You do not have to take a German language course. However, exchange students are entitled to a place on an intensive German language course free of charge. As a free mover or a scholarship holder you can apply to take a German language course for a fee of €300 per semester. Please note that the number of places available on these courses is limited. For information on all of the German language courses on offer, please visit the dedicated webpage: German language courses at Saarland University.


How can I finance my study abroad period at Saarland University?

Students in Saarbrücken should expect to have living expenses of around €800 per month, though this figure will obviously vary depending on where and how you live. A list of your main items of expenditure can be found here: Leaflets and forms. The DAAD scholarship database contains information on all of the grants, scholarships and financial support programmes available to students from your home country.


Will accommodation be provided?

Exchange students are automatically entitled to a place in a student hall of residence. Free movers and scholarship holders may apply for a room in a student hall, but we can offer no assurances that accommodation will be provided. For more details, please visit the Welcome Center website.


Do I need a visa?

That depends on your nationality. To find out whether you require a visa and when you should submit your visa application, please visit the website of the German diplomatic mission serving your home.


Do I need to take out health insurance in Germany?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you take out health insurance cover in Germany. Do not take out travel health insurance in your home country. We can help you to find a health insurance provider after you have arrived in Saarbrücken.


How can I get to know other students?

The Centre for International Students (ZiS) at Saarland University offers a programme for new international students to help them settle in and get to know other students. The entire programme of ZiS activities is available on the Welcome Center webpage: Intercultural students life.


Where can I find the required forms?

The link Leaflets and forms provides access to our leaflet with application information including a list of the required documents and all of the necessary forms.



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