Hilde Domin-Programmme

The Hilde Domin Scholarship is awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In order to apply, a nomination by a university is necessary in advance. On this page you will find out the necessary steps to be nominated by the Saarland University for the Hilde Domin Programme.

You can find general information about the Hilde Domin Programme on the DAAD websites.

Please note that a nomination does not include automatic admission to Saarland University. You must apply in due time, via the regular application portals. Information on how to apply for a degree programme can be found on our website for international applicants.

Who can be nominated for the scholarship?

Students, as well as doctoral candidates, of all disciplines may be nominated with the exception of fine arts, performing arts, design, visual communication, music, film and architecture as well as human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.

In addition, students must:

  • be demonstrably at risk of being formally or de facto denied the right to education in their country of origin on the basis of their ethnic, sexual, gender or religious identity or political or civic engagement.
  • be in possession of educational certificates that allow access to a higher education institution and guarantee the completion of an intended course of study or research project according to the anabin database.
  • not be residing in Germany or in another EU country at the time of nomination.
  • provide evidence of a school or university degree, which as a rule is not more than 2 years in the past..

You can find a FAQ for this Hilde Domin-Scholarship on the website of the DAAD.


Applications for the summer semester 2025 must be submitted by 8 March 2024.