German language courses and study abroad options for students from Eastern Europe

Saarland University maintains strong ties with universities in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, the Russian Federation and the Caucasus. Students from these regions can come to Saarland University to take part in a German language course or for an extended period of study. The programmes are funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and through the EU's Erasmus+ scheme.

German language courses

Grants are awarded every year to a number of students from our partner universities to allow them to take part in one of the intensive German language courses offered by Saarland University.

How do I apply?

Candidates are selected and nominated by their home institutions. If you have been nominated for a place on a German language course, you can learn more about the course and the application procedures by clicking here. Once your place on the course has been confirmed, please forward your confirmation e-mail to Ms Klüh.

Extended stays (DAAD Eastern European Partnerships)

Each of our partner universities within the DAAD programme Ostpartnerschaften (Eastern European Partnerships) is allocated two course places per year for students looking to spend an extended period of study (typically three months) at Saarland University. Students who are awarded a grant will receive assistance from the staff at the International Office and from the department at which they will be studying.

How do I apply?

Candidates are selected and nominated by their home institutions. If you have been nominated, please contact the programme coordinator at your home institution and ask for the application form for admission to Saarland University and for the accommodation application form. Please fill in the forms, sign them and send them to Ms Klüh at the Saarland University International Office. During your stay, you will be accommodated in one of the student halls of residence. Your application for accommodation will be processed and managed by our Welcome Center.

Which courses / modules can I take?

Details about the academic courses available at Saarland University can be found in the online course catalogue. In principle, you can take any course or module of interest. However, in many cases, you will need to first register for the course or module by contacting the course supervisor.

Things to organize once you have arrived

Please come to the International Office on the day of your arrival or on the next working day so that we can assist you with the necessary formalities (enrolling at the university, health insurance, rental agreement, grant payments, etc.).

Study abroad options for students from Erasmus+ partner countries

The EU's Erasmus+ programme not only provides students from EU member states with the opportunity to spend time studying at Saarland University, it is also open to students from countries designated as 'Erasmus+ partner countries'. The list of Erasmus+ partner countries includes countries in Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe and the Caucasus. Please go to our dedicated Erasmus+ website to find a list of those partner countries and partner universities for which Erasmus+ funding may be available for extended periods of study at Saarland University.


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