Biking to campus

Cycle routes from the city centre and from Scheidt

Three cycle routes from Saarbrücken city centre to the university campus, one of which passes through Scheidt, are described by Andreas Zeller, Professor of Software Engineering at Saarland University.

From Dudweiler

There is a car-free bicycle path that runs next to Beethovenstraße and that leads to the university campus via Stuhlsatzenhausweg. Take special care when cycling across the junction to the L252 (dual carriageway, expressway). There are also a number of woodland routes. For example: ride into the woods at the end of ‘Alter Stadtweg’ and continue to the barrier. Turn left after the barrier and continue on to the woodland hut. At the hut carry on almost straight ahead, cycling down to ‘Dreibannstein’. From there continue essentially straight ahead for about 100 m until you see the university. Follow the cycle lane onto campus.