Access to campus

The barriers at the campus entrance and exit points can be opened using the Saarland University Card ('UdS Card') or by pushing the ticket-request button. Motor vehicle access to the university campus is governed by the Campus Access Regulations (available in German only).

You are:

 Your access authorization / access restrictions:

Student with UdS Card

Vehicle entry permits are not issued to students unless they are covered by the provisions in category (6), or they are registered for a post-graduate programme of study and are also employed for at least 16 hours per week at Saarland University.

University employee with UdS Card

Employees with a UdS Card can apply for a vehicle entry permit provided that they work on campus or in the immediate vicinity and that they are not registered as a student studying for their first degree.

Visitor or commercial visitor with UdS Card

Vehicle entry permits are issued to suppliers, tradespersons, service providers, academic staff and family members living on campus, part-time contract teaching staff and emeritus professors.

Visitor without UdS Card

Vehicle entry permits are not issued to campus visitors nor members of the press or to persons attending events, lectures, conferences, meetings or briefings on campus. In this case, a ticket should be taken at the barrier. Depending on the length of the stay, a charge for on-campus parking may be made. On-campus parking is free between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. and at weekends.

Member of an associated research institute with UdS Card

Vehicle entry permits can be issued to workers at an on-campus or near-campus research institute associated with Saarland University if the institute provides the university with a list of names of employees/workers who have been issued with UdS Cards.

Other with UdS Card

Vehicle entry permits are granted to persons who have difficulty walking, those requiring access via campus to non-university parking facilities, those living in student halls of residence, persons working in campus shops, cafés etc. or for one of the church student associations.

Other without UdS Card

Emergency vehicles, taxis, etc. can access the campus via the main gate.

Public transport

Buses running as part of the public transport network can enter campus via vehicle detection loops.


Vehicle entry permits can be issued in certain exceptional cases. These decisions are made by the Students' Union Executive Committee (AStA).

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Vehicle parking permits

Monika Zeising-Di Rocco
Phone: +49 681 302-4860

UdS cards

Card issuing office
Phone: +49 681 302-71180