Post-code parking rule for students

Whether a student is entitled to use the campus car parks P1 ('Uni Mitte') and P3 ('Uni Ost') free of charge is determined by the post code of the student's semester contact address. Generally speaking, students who would need more than 45 minutes to travel to the university using public transport are allowed to use the campus car parks free of charge. Additionally, students who have difficulty walking will be issued with a vehicle entry permit for both the central campus zone and the campus car parks.

The car parks will be closed weekdays from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. and over the weekend from Friday 11 p.m. until Monday 4 a.m. You may park free of charge on the central campus zone during these periods. Eine Ausfahrt aus den Parkhäusern ist während der Schließzeiten nicht möglich.

Free parking is not available to:

  • students whose semester contact address has one of the following post codes: 66111, 66113, 66115, 66117, 66119, 66121, 66123, 66125, 66128, 66129, 66130, 66132, 66133, 66280, 66386,
  • students whose semester contact address is an implausibly long way from the Saarbrücken campus as indicated by a post code in one of the following ranges: 00000-54199, 54550-55699, 55800-66110, 67000-76725, 77000-99999,
  • students giving an address abroad (exceptions: Luxembourg and the Moselle region of France 'Departement 57'),
  • students on leave of absence,
  • medical students during the clinical science phase of their studies.

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