University Entrance Qualification

If you are not sure whether your diploma allows you access to German universities, you can check this in the database of "Anabin": Recognition of school diploma and university degrees

1.    Goto ANABIN and select your country.
2.    You're presented with a list of all certificates that are relevant for admission in German universities.
3.    Select your certificate and a window opens that shows the eligibility with this certificate:
4.    The following evaluations may apply
“Direkter Zugang (für alle Fächer)” or “Direkter Zugang (fachgebunden) zu allen Hochschulen”. This evaluation means that your certificate in principle equals a German university entrance qualification.

Feststellungsprüfung/Studienkolleg (für alle Schwerpunktkurse): This evaluation means that you have to first finish a preparatory program before you can begin your studies in Germany. This preparatory program usually ends with the Feststellungsprüfung (assessment test) and is done at a so-called "Studienkolleg". There is a list of all Studienkollegs in Germany available online. Depending on which degree programme you want to study, you have to choose the appropriate Studienkolleg, for example a T-course at a Studienkolleg for technical subjects (M-course for medicine, etc.).
Saarland University currently does not offer a Studienkolleg, but you can still apply at our university if you are interested in technical subjects. Saarland University offers the Foundation Programm MINT (VSi MINT) for students who require a preparatory program.

As an alternative to the Anabin database, you can also use the admission database provided by the DAAD.
It takes its information from the Anabin website but does also offer information in English.

Applicants with Ukrainian diplomas

If you have finished school and you have recevied the Ukrainian "Attestat", you will usually require a Studienkolleg before you can start your studies in Germany, i.e. a preparatory year for university studies.
However, if you have already studied in Ukraine, the "Studienkolleg" can be replaced the proof of study success in Ukraine and this can give you direct access to studies. To replace the "Studienkolleg" you usually have to show either one or two years of successful studies. You can find the exact details in the Anabin database.

Finding a study programme

If you are looking for a suitable study program, you can of course have a first look at the study programs of Saarland University.

First-degree programmes

Master programmes

If you are looking for a degree programme that is not offered at Saar University, we recommend using the website "Hochschulkompass".
This website allows you to search through the offer of all German universities for a specific degree programme and you can also search for specific criteria (for example: English-taught).