Studying as a qualified professional: Applicants without a higher education entrance qualification

If you do not have a general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, you may still be able to study a particular subject (or in some cases, several subjects) if you have appropriate vocational or professional qualifications.


  • Applicants must have successfully completed the final examinations in a recognized apprenticeship or traineeship programme in a relevant vocational or professional area (minimum required final grade: 2.5 or equivalent on the German grading scale)
  • completed an apprenticeship or vocational training programme lasting at least two years typically followed by at least two years working in the relevant or a closely related field
  • completed a higher education access course (typically two semesters) followed by a subject-specific assessment test

Study counselling interviews

Before you can apply, you must have two in-depth interviews, one of which is a general consultation with the Central Student Advisory Service, the other is a programme-specific interview with the responsible programme adviser(s) at Saarland University or htw saar.

Selection process

The university will form an admissions panel to decide on applications to the higher education access course. The panel will comprise:

  • one representative from Saarland's Ministry of Education and Culture
  • one representative from Saarland's Ministry of Health, Social Affairs, Women and the Family (for applications from professionals in the health and care sectors)
  • two professors who actively teach in the chosen programme of study
  • representatives from the Saarland Chamber of Labour (Arbeitskammer), the Saarland Chamber of Skilled Trades (Handwerkskammer), the Saarland Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) or the chambers representing the liberal professions.

Legal basis

  • Saarland Higher Education Institutions Act (Saarländisches Hochschulgesetz, SHSG), Sec. 77(5)
  • Regulations Governing Admission to Saarland State Universities through Recognition of Prior Vocational and Professional Experience (Verordnung über die Studienberechtigung für die staatlichen Hochschulen des Saarlandes durch besondere berufliche Qualifikation) of 4 April 2017 (Official Gazette 2017, Part I, p. 402)