Saarland University is a key driver of entrepreneurial innovation in the region, offering a wide range of programmes and initiatives that support and promote a positive start-up culture. Proof of the university's outstanding performance in this area is the consistently high ranking it achieves in the ‘Start-Up Radar’ league tables published by Stifterverband – a key funding organization within the German higher education landscape.

Supporting a successful business start-up ecosystem


Triathlon is the integrated business incubator and accelerator infrastructure at Saarland University supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer. The services offered span the entire life cycle of a knowledge-transfer and start-up project. Triathlon offers individually tailored support that guides students and university employees through all the stages of the business start-up process.

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The IT Incubator is a unique ideas incubation programme specifically designed for the research being carried out on the Saarland Informatics Campus. The IT Incubator is operated jointly by Max Planck Innovation and Saarland University and provides a suite of services specially tailored to meet the demands of today's tech entrepreneurs.

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Computer science start-ups


ChronoFair develops AI-based software that delivers optimized personnel scheduling solutions. ChronoFair software reduces the amount of time that managers spend on scheduling and deployment and makes it easier for employees to communicate their personal scheduling preferences.


d:AI:mond is a data science consultancy that helps companies to generate added value from their data, optimizing existing structures and delivering greater efficiency and transparency. Production workflows can be made more efficient, new business models generated and B2B and B2C communication improved.


Effinigo's adaptive lighting control system 'Innoshine' provides a smart corridor lighting control system for office buildings in the commercial and public sectors. Innoshine helps to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions.


FOLDIO – a learning system that was developed at Saarland University's Human-Computer Interaction Lab – offers a fun and interactive way for children to understand the digital world. FOLDIO also offers workshops for school students and teachers that promote effective digital education in schools.


K|Lens is all about digital imaging and image processing. K|Lens develops smart sensor technology that enables rich data acquisition using any standard consumer camera and can be used for automation, process optimization and quality control operations. has created a document automation platform that is helping businesses to create the paperless office environment. The platform offers an array of software tools that can be used in different business sectors and for a variety of business processes. High-performance AI models mean that documents can be analysed quickly and accurately and relevant data reliably extracted.