DAAD prize for international students

The International Office regularly solicits the DAAD prize for outstanding achievements of international students studying at German universities. The prize of €1,000 is awarded to international students who have distinguished themselves through special academic achievements and a remarkable social or intercultural commitment.

The winner 2022

Hacane Hechehouche from Algeria has been awarded the 2022 DAAD Prize for outstanding contributions from international students studying at German universities (DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service). Hacane, who studies computer science at Saarland University, has for many years been promoting integration by connecting refugees with their local communities. He is an elected member of the student parliament and a founding member of the Saarbrücken section of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), which was established to assist Erasmus scholarship holders and to promote their integration.

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Previous prize winners

  • 2022: Hacane Hechehouche (Algeria, Computer Science)
  • 2021: Velik Velikov (Bulgaria, Bioinformatics)
  • 2020: Pascal Ahiagble (Togo, Business Informatics)
  • 2019: Beytulla Halil (Bulgaria, Business Administration)
  • 2018: Angel Alfaro Vega (Peru, Romance Languages and Literature)
  • 2017: Nahid Ghadiri Jafarbigloo (Iran, Medicine)
  • 2016: Maria Stepanova (Russia, Pharmaceutical Science)
  • 2015: Bejard Simeu Noupa (Cameroon, Business Administration)
  • 2014: Alexey Gulyaev (Russia, Music Management)
  • 2013: Ayman Haidar Ahmad (Lebanon, Medicine)
  • 2012: Hussam Al Raheb (Syria, Medicine)
  • 2011: Yury Lyamin (Russia, Law)
  • 2010: Styben Igaza Gonzáles (Peru, Medicine)
  • 2009: H. Ruoppo (Belarus, Business Administration)
  • 2008: A. Macavei (Romania, Economics and Law)
  • 2007: P. Lison (Belgium, Computer Linguistics)