Advanced Materials Science and Engineering AMASE (M.Sc.)

'A miniature United Nations'

Saarland University coordinates the international Master's degree programme 'Joint European Master Programme in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering ‒ AMASE', which is run by a consortium of European universities in Saarbrücken, Nancy, Luleå and Barcelona, Leoben and Padua.

Each year, about 30 students from Europe and around the world join the AMASE Master's programme. The AMASE programme offers students not only a broad range of specialist subjects, but an excellent opportunity to train their foreign language skills and intercultural competence. 'The AMASE family is just like a miniature United Nations', says Yi Hu, an alumnus of the AMASE programme from China.

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Information about the programme


Students study at two of the universities within the consortium. The first two semesters are spent studying at the first of their chosen universities, while the third semester is spent at the other university of choice. The Master's thesis is completed in the final semester, which students can spend at either of the two chosen institutions. Graduates from the programme receive a double Master's degree awarded by each of the two universities at which student studied. Courses are taught in the respective national languages in Germany, France and Spain or English in Sweden, Austria and Italy. A wide range of language courses are available to help students acquire the necessary language proficiency.

At the beginning of the study programme, a one-week "Integration Week" is organised in Saarbrücken in order to prepare students as well as possible for international studies. Courses are given on intercultural communication, team work and presentation techniques. To prepare students for the job market, a Professional Summer School is offered in the second year. Students learn how to plan their career and how an application procedure works. Through the participation of industry partners and alumni, important contacts to our network are facilitated.

In order to offer students on the programme the best possible learning environment and career prospects, Saarland University also makes use of its cooperative teaching and research partnerships, particularly with institutions in Europe, Latin America and Korea.


For students with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent academic qualification in a natural science or engineering subject, the AMASE programme begins at one of the four partner universities. They spend one year at the first university attending taught and supervised modules (lectures, problem-solving classes, lab courses) in materials science and engineering, as well as courses in European languages and cultures.

For their second year of study, students move to one of the other three partner universities. The Master's thesis may be written at this second university or the student can choose to return to the first university. Graduates from the two-year AMASE programme are awarded a double Master's degree from the two universities at which they studied. Details about the structure of the programme are available at the AMASE website.


Requirements & application

Admission requirements:

  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent university qualification in materials science, physics, chemistry or another natural or engineering science subject
  • Adequate language skills in the language of instruction at the university attended during the first year
  • A basic command of the language of instruction used at the second university

Further information on admission requirements is available on the AMASE website.

The AMASE programme starts each winter semester. It is not possible to join the programme at the beginning of the summer semester. For application deadlines and the online application portal, please go to the AMASE website.


At a glance

Standard period of study4 semesters
Languages of instructionGerman and/or English and/or French and/or Spanish/Catalan
Foreign language requirementsSufficient knowledge of German and basic knowledge of the language of instruction of the second university chosen
Application deadlineAMASE deadlines and schedules

Tuition fees

€1.500 per semester for students from the EU
€4.500 per semester for non-EU students


Course adviser

Flavio Soldera
Phone: +49 681 302-70511

EUSMAT office
Dr. phil. Claudia Heß
Phone: +49 681 302-70504

Central Student Advisory Service

Saarbrücken Campus
Building A4 4, Ground floor
Phone: +49 681 302-3513

Central Student Advisory Service

Saarbrücken Campus
Building A4 4, Ground floor
Phone: +49 681 302-3513

Central Student Advisory Service

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Saarland University was one of the first universities in Germany to achieve Quality Assurance Accreditation and has held the Accreditation Council’s official quality mark continuously since 2012.

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