The International Office school’s project

The International Office has contact with German schools abroad, visits them and invites pupils to come to Saarland University for a taster courses for school students (Schnupperstudium). The focus regions are Southeast Asia and Central and South America.

Students of Saarland University

We support students of teacher training programmes and DaF (German as a foreign language) students in their search for an internship abroad and also arrange internships, e.g. at the German European School Singapore.

Pupils at German schools abroad

We advise and support students at German schools abroad who are interested in studying at Saarland University. For example, we arrange contacts with students who have come from German schools abroad and are now studying at Saarland University.

Headmasters of German schools abroad

If there are internship places for our students at your school, we can organise the selection process for you: We manage the call for applications and select suitable candidates together with our Centre for Teacher Education. You then no longer have to worry about direct enquiries from our students.

Study and career advisors of the schools abroad

We send out information material about Saar University that study advisors at German schools abroad can use in their counselling sessions and information events.



Wolfgang Heintz
Building A4 4, Room 2.31
Phone: +49 681 302-71105