Leave of absence

A leave of absence from studies can be granted if a significant reason exists.

Possible reasons for a leave of absence and required evidence

  • Long-term illness which makes you unable to study for the majority of the semester. Proof: medical certificate stating the duration of the inability to study
  • Stay abroad, e.g. study at a foreign university. Proof: certificate of admission/enrolment at the foreign university
  • Pregnancy. Proof: medical certificate or pregnancy passport
  • Parental leave/maternity leave. Proof: birth certificate of the child
  • Performing family duties, in particular raising a minor child and caring for relatives in need of care
  • Periods of military or alternative service, voluntary social year, voluntary ecological year or other comparable services. Proof: service certificate
  • Internships outside the university which take up a considerable part of the lecture period. Proof: internship contract
  • Activities in student self-administration. Proof: certificate from StuPa or AStA
  • Preparation and implementation of a business start-up
  • Proven involvement in top-class sport

Request for leave of absence

The leave of absence always takes place semester by semester. A leave of absence only for individual subjects is not possible.

As a rule, you apply for a leave of absence together with your re-registration. The application must be submitted within the re-registration period, preferably immediately after the reason for leave of absence occurs, but at the latest on the last day of lectures of the respective semester. Applications received later than this cannot be granted, even if there is an important reason.

Refund of fees

If you have already paid fees (not social fees) for the semester you are on leave of absence, these can be refunded. In this case, please submit the application for refund including the required documents mentioned in the application form together with the application for leave of absence.

Please note

A leave of absence from your studies can have an impact on student grants, benefits from state agencies (e.g. child benefit), residence status and the associated work permit, health insurance (possibly higher insurance fees), etc. You should therefore inform yourself in advance at the relevant offices before submitting your application.

Admissions Office

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Admissions Office

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