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In the Bachelor’s programme Bachelor Plus MINT students are introduced to different subjects in the areas of mathematics and computer science as well as natural sciences and technology (STEM subjects). The B.Sc. programme typically takes eight semesters to complete. At the same time, it enables first-time students to organize the transition from school to university according to their individual interests and level of knowledge.

In order to allow students to identify their personal interests more easily and learn more about the interdisciplinary fields that particularly interest them, students can choose an optional general introductory year before deciding for one of the degree programmes in the STEM subject area. This introductory year allows students to acquire a broad overview of the most important subject areas and the individual subject-specific methodologies of the STEM subjects. Following the introductory year, students can choose from the following specialist subjects: Chemistry, Computational Linguistics, Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Quantum Engineering, Systems Engineering.

The B.Sc. programme is designed to take four years to complete, allowing students to tailor the degree programme according to their individual interests. Students who wish to focus on work-integrated learning during their studies, may for example undertake a work placement / internship or participate in a practical research project for several months, for which they can earn ECTS credits. Students can also choose if they wish to obtain a particularly broad academic education or focus on two different subjects.


The duration of the programme is eight semesters. Students on the programme accumulate a total of 240 ECTS credits.

At the beginning of their studies or during the first two semesters, students choose a specialist subject. Students can choose one of the following specialist subjects: Chemistry, Computational Linguistics, Computer Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Quantum Engineering or Systems Engineering.

The chosen specialist subject effectively defines a single-subject study programme in which students must acquire at least 125 credits. Students on the B.Sc. programme 'Bachelor Plus MINT' need to successfully complete all academic coursework in the single-subject study programme.

If students decide not to choose the specialist subject until the end of the second semester, the general introductory year includes the modules:

  • Higher Mathematics for Science and Engineering Students I (10 credits)
  • Higher Mathematics for Science and Engineering Students II (10 credits)
  • Introduction to Natural Sciences I (11CP, 6V, 3Ü)
  • Introduction to Natural Sciences II (7CP, 4V, 3Ü)
  • Perspectives in the Engineering Sciences (2 credits)
  • Introduction to Materials Science (4 credits)
  • Ideas in Computer Science (4 credits)
  • Natural Science Lab Course (5 credits)
  • Engineering Lab Course (3 credits)
  • Lecture series: 'Research in the Natural and Engineering Sciences' (4 credits)
Postgraduate courses

Graduates from the Bachelor’s programme can choose to continue their studies with a Master's programme in their single-subject study programme or with any other degree programme that a Bachelor's degree in their single-subject study programme gives them access to.


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Central Student Advisory Service
Campus Saarbrücken
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Phone: +49 681 302-3513

Programme advisor
Ludger Santen
Campus Saarbrücken
Department of Theoretical Physics
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How to apply

The B.Sc. Programme is not subject to entry restrictions. Students can join the programme in the winter semester or in the summer semester, although we recommend starting in the winter semester. If you wish to start in the summer semester, you should contact the programme advisors and the counselling or advisory services in advance to receive individual study counselling. 

Prospective students can apply for enrolment to the first semester online via the SIM portals of Saarland University; they do not have to apply for admission beforehand. 

  • Enrolment deadline for a winter semester: end of September 
  • Enrolment deadline for a summer semester: end of March 

Please note: If you wish to join the programme in a higher study semester and to change your subject area, you must also submit a formal record of recognition of prior learning provided by the responsible Examination Office

Please only submit the documents required for your enrolment directly in the SIM portal when completing your enrolment application.   

If you have any questions about the SIM portals, please visit our SIM Saarland support pages where you will find lots of information, videos and step-by-step instructions. 

Different rules and regulations may apply for prospective students whose pre-university education credentials were obtained in a country other than Germany.

Central Student Advisory Service

Saarbrücken Campus
Building A4 4, Ground floor
Phone: +49 681 302-3513

Central Student Advisory Service

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Saarland University was one of the first universities in Germany to successfully complete the system accreditation procedure. Since 2012, it has carried the seal of the Accreditation Council.

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